Legend has it that...

Long long time ago

There was peace, there was balance in a land called Zillarnia. Where one’s children could wander to the next village without a worry and be greeted with a warm meal and a smiling face. It is remembered as, The Era of Balance. Where the people did not just survive, but thrived.


The fiercest warriors in all the land and the protectors of all people in Zillarnia and led by the benevolent, Sensei Lux. If you were one lucky enough to be born a Light Walker Clan, you were not raised like the other surrounding villages, you were raised with the finest forged metals in the land and taught to wield them as if they were part of your own soul.
You would have suckled your mother’s teat while she hunted wild boar only to be withheld milk to make the killing blow on the wild animal. Survivors, Innovators, Poets, but at heart you were a warrior unafraid of death. Death only held glory in the Heavens for a Light Walker Warrior.


One day, a darkness covered the land. A darkness Zillarnia had heard of before. An army that had engulfed the surrounding countries. A darkness the Light Walker Clan had longed to test their will against. A dark hoard of deformed beasts clawed over the ridge surrounding Zillarnia. Their leader, Tenebris, wielded the ancient Dark Magic.
Legends had been told for centuries that Tenebris would turn his enemies into the very beasts serving in his hoard, The Forgotten Ones. The day had come for the Light Walker Clan to make their stand against the evil that had shamed these lands for centuries. A few thousand against a hoard of dark magic. The odds were not stacked in their favor.


the war begins

The Light Walkers fought with valor, with seemingly superhuman strength

as if they were pulling a power from another unseen source. The hoard fell by the thousands at the feet of The Light Walker Clan. “Is it time for breakfast yet? I am starving and my wife awaits me in bed.” Sensei Lux shouted with a smirk as he pulled a spear from a Forgotten One’s chest. There was laughter coming from the valley of the Light Walker Clan. Not a soul emitted fear, but a joy. A camaraderie to fight amongst their loved ones, doing the one thing they trained their whole lives for. Furious, Tenebris had enough of this show. “These mere mortals, who do they think they are? They laugh?!!” It had been good entertainment for a moment, but his patience had worn thin. He would like these for his own hoard. He trampled down the valley cliffs on his deformed beast, holding the cursed trident of Hades himself.
Legend part one | The Soulless Citadel

With one wave of the trident,

hundreds of the Light Walkers were flattened. Sensei Lux turned back to his men, “Bring the Staff of the Almighty! Tonight we end this! Tonight we get our Glory in the Heavens!” He turned, picked up a shield and bellowed towards Tenebris. As Tenebris pulled back his trident to launch another deadly blow, Sensei Lux leaped. He stepped from head to head utop the Forgotten Ones brows. Honing in on Tenebris, He made one last leap and launched his spear towards the approaching Demon. Just as Tenebris finished his deadly blow, sending Sensei Lux flying backward, the spear lodged deep in between the dark eyes of Tenebris’ beast. A shockwave rumbled through the valley. Slowly gaining back his Consciousness, Sensei Lux could see a large dark figure approaching him, Tenebris. Lux slowly got his feet under him, his eyes were hazy. “You will fall. You will all fall. Your women, your children, they will all be my slaves and you, my Hoard.”
Legend part two | The Soulless Citadel

The Light and darkness collide

The Light and darkness collide. Shocked at what is unfolding, Tenebris cannot believe that this light is starting to overcome his darkness. Knowing that his defeat is near he chants out one last curse. “I curse you Sensei Lux and the Light Walker Clan, every warrior and every first born son of every generation to come shall never see the glory of the Heavens. To wait in Purgatory between light and darkness!” And with his last breath he muttered, “I shall return, my name shall rule these lands again, you’re cursed Light Walkers, Soulless you shall become!” Poof! Tenebris was cast down to the underworld and the Forgotten One’s souls now free, ascended into glory of the heavens where their loved ones had awaited so long.
Legend part three | The Soulless Citadel

Sensei Lux pulls the staff from the earth and rests it on his shoulder.

He turns to his men and smiles, “I think we’re late for breakfast.” Laughter breaks out amongst the men. Sensei Lux wraps his arms around a nearby friend as they begin walking back to their village. Commotion breaks out amongst the front of the pack. Men begin to start disappearing leaving only a faint cloud of white dust. Lux, confused to what is unfolding, steps on a nearby boulder to get a better view. By the time he had seen, only dust filled the valley air and the lone Staff of The Almighty lay on the valley floor.
Legend part four | The Soulless Citadel

The 5555 of the

Soulless Citadel

And so the legend of the great Light Walker Clan warriors was born. Warriors and protectors of the light, cursed to purgatory in The Soulless Citadel. Withheld the glory to meet their loved ones in the Heavens. 5555 of The Soulless Citadel. The remaining legendary warriors from that battle day and generations of the first born males of The Light Walker Clan, all cursed in this Godforsaken Citadel.