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Showing a soul has never been easier. We will have a wide-variety, custom-designed collection of headwear, outerwear, containers, and accessories for you to choose from. Time to recycle that coffee mug!

Favourites Among Zillarnians

Soulless Comicon T-shirt

29.00 USD

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Soulless Hoody

59.00 USD

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Soulless GM Coffee Mug

23.00 USD

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Soulless Rose Hoody

59.00 USD

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Blessed By

Sensei Lux And....

created with the tears of a million dark ones. We have handcrafted merchandise that makes you feel right at home at the Citadel, The Soulless Citadel. We offer nothing but the best to all our saviours.

The Merch Store | The Soulless Citadel
Cotton T-Shirts

Look Dapper On Your Way To The Purgatory!

Have you been cast to the purgatory by Tenebris? Want to blend in with the light walker clan while marching down to the cursed abyss? Grab a t-shirt on your way!
Coffee Mug

wake up & get battle ready with a hot cup of joe

Feeling a little low on energy? Not in the mood to fight the evil forces? Get a hold of your magical mug and fill it with some coffee to get energized and wage war against the dark forces!
The Merch Store | The Soulless Citadel
The Merch Store | The Soulless Citadel
Metal Tumbler

Stay Hydrated While Fighting The Bad Guys

Exhausted from those long walks to the battlefield of Zillarnia and its hot scorching sun? Need a sip of water? Click below to quench your thirst.
Baseball Hats

Keep The Strong Zillarnian Sun Out of your Face

Forgot to carry your sunscreen while heading to the battlefield? Getting blinded by the sun? We have a little something to shield your precious face and eyes from just that
The Merch Store | The Soulless Citadel
The Merch Store | The Soulless Citadel

Stay Warm When Crossing The Zillarnian Hills

Made it to the top of the hills and now faced with the wrath of the cold blizzards of the ice capped Zillarnian mountains? Fear not, we are here. Click on the button below to protect yourself from cold.