The Soulless Citadel

The Soulless Citadel

So far we have rescued

11,110 Soulless

Capture one of these 11,110 soulless and add them to your collection of your NFTs. We have a story led universe with artwork, games, merchandise and an extremely active Discord community with regular giveaways and updates.

Adding more
dimensions to

Bring your Soulless NFT to life with a 3D avatar, fully rigged and ready for games, animation, and the metaverse, – at no extra cost! The Future is SOULLESS!

The universe
is expanding

We have had 2 minting seasons during which we sold out 11,110 soulless in just 14 days! Did you miss out on it? Fret not! You can bid on the artwork of your choice or directly buy the ones up for sale. You can also get up to speed on our story so far before deciding which souless to add to your team.

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From Purgatory
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We have got some exclusive limited edition Soulless merch for you! Click below to get your merch shipped to you in less than 15 business day!

Outwit, Outlast,

Want to see your own soulless battle it out for some real bountiful rewards? Want to be a part of a universe where you can use your strategy over your luck to show who the real winner is! Then join the arena today!

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Ranks of the

We’re not just a cinematic universe – we’re a vibrant community. Whether you’re a die-hard collector or new to our universe, we offer something for everyone: events, merchandise, games, and hosted hangouts. Join the family and discover the limitless possibilities of our cinematic universe!